Distributed Systems II

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  • Overview and motivation
  • Distributed Systems
    • Distributed Coordination-based systems
    • Distributed Web-based systems
    • Scalable Internet Infrastructures
  • Software Architectures
    • Software Architecture and Frameworks
    • Reflective and AOP programming
    • Middleware Integration platforms
  • Student dissertations



Distributed Coordination-based systems

Distributed Web-Based Systems

Distributed Workflow Systems and Web 2.0

Scalable Internet Infrastructures

Software Architecture and Frameworks

Middleware Integration Frameworks

Reflective and Aspect Oriented Programming

Student Assignments

Each group has an assigned subject related to this course. Using the Wiki, the students will create a state of the art review of the topic including: description, current challenges and problems, existing alternatives, core distributed system issues, software architecture and middleware issues, conclusions, and future trends. Furthermore, they must create a References sections in which each entry must include at least a short summary or review. Note that the existing references are  just suggestions.

The works must be finished due April 20th.  The five final weeks will be used to present and discuss the work.


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