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Student Assignments

Each group has an assigned subject related to this course. Using the Wiki, the students will create a state of the art review of the topic including: description, current challenges and problems, existing alternatives,  transport level issues, architecture and middleware issues, use case scenario, prospective applications and future trends. Furthermore, they must create a References sections in which each entry must include at least a short summary or review. The works must be finished due April 20th.

The five final weeks will be used to present and discuss the work.


  • Sistemas distribuidos, Conceptos y Diseño. 3ª Edición, G. Colouris , Addison Wesley 2001
  • Comunicaciones Inalámbricas, Josep Prieto Blázquez, UOC
  • Mobile and Wireless Communications: Key Technologies and Future Applications, Peter Smyth, IEE
  • Wireless Java Programming with J2ME, Yu Feng, Jun Zhu, Sams
  • Wireless Java: Developing with J2ME, Second Edition, Jonathan Knudsen, Apress
  • Programación para Celulares con Java (J2ME): Manuales Users.code, en Español Maximiliano Firtman, M P Ediciones S.A
  • Distributed Systems. Principles and Paradigms, A. Tanenbaum, M. van Steen. , Prentice Hall 2002.
  • Java Network Programming, Elliote Rusty Harold, O´Reilly & Associates

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